Hello, Taste


Here are some illustrations for the Hello Taste sauces and dressings. I was a part of the Design Studio B.O.B ‘s team designing the illustrations for the packagings, together and under the lead of the studio. In each package, there are different illustrated elements depending on the ingredients.

Creative Direction: Design Studio B.O.B., MorphoriaMeta Maniacs
Vision & Overall Concept: Dr. Jesko Thron (Katjes Greenfood)

Brand strategy & Copy writing: Meta Maniacs, Sebastian Schulz
Design Team: Alex Michalakopoulos, Lilly Friedeberg, Alessia Sistori, Marco Schmidt
Design Assistance: Maria Tsilomitrou, Marvin Funger, Marc Kretzer, Eli Alaimo Di Loro
Photography: Spicecream


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